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30/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Creative Sparks Jim KrauseDo you know people that seem to find something amazing about almost everything that catches their attention? The artist who possesses this quality is like a supermagnet for the nuts, bolts and girders that form the infrastructure of their creative work.

“Become a curiousity junkie. Amazement can be learned, cultivated. Amazement leads to learning and discovery. Learning and discovery fill your mind with fuel for creativity, make you a better artist and a more interesting person to invite to a cocktail party. Being amazed takes little time and little effort.”   Jim Krause, “Creative Sparks”


I feel like Donkey, from the first Shrek movie, jumping up and down saying “pick me, oh, pick me!“…except I am saying “that’s me, oh, that’s me!“.

I absolutely LOVE to look closely at things: detail, shading, tone, technique. I totally endorse what Jim Krause says here. I think that sometimes it is simply a matter of opening your eyes and taking a look. How often it is that we are rushing from here to there, or take things for granted and just don’t bother to “see” what is around us.

For today, how about you take a few moments and just look around you. Move in a bit closer to something and REALLY look at it. Look at its form, colour, texture. Stop and look at some flowers or a sunset and marvel at the wonder of the scene. It might be the start of something “amazing”!

This post is part of Sarah’s “Finding the Inspiration” series.
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