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19/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Fortunately, for the aesthetic-stability of our home, Simon and I share an almost-identical taste in fine art.

Before we were married, we decided to make our first, substantial purchase together…a beautiful painting. It was an acrylic and mixed media (on canvas) abstract of a Venetian scene with glorious oranges, reds and a tinge of blue.

My future in-laws were shocked at our purchase. “What if we split up?”, they asked me. “What would we then do with the painting?”. Inspired by a Meg Ryan film of the time I replied (seriously) that I would simply take a chainsaw and cut it in two…one half for each of us (you should have seen the expression on their faces!). We have been together 10 years now…no chainsaw has been required (also, we gave the painting away to friends when we moved overseas!).

Actually, I leave all the interior design of our home to Simon. Folks will come in and say (knowing that I am a graphic designer), “wow, Sarah, you have done a great job with this place“. I have to tell them that the appearance of our home has virtually nothing to do with me! I have an almost zero-ability for interior design (2-D is fine, 3-D and I am totally lost). If Simon had not been in education, he would have made an outstanding interior designer! If it were not for him, our domestic colour scheme would be a sad palette of neutrals, bare walls and few accessories. Thanks for your spatial brilliance Si!

When it comes to choosing artwork for the walls, that is one interior decision we make together and – most of the time – we agree. We both love abstracts of bold, delicious colour…the bigger we can afford, the better.

Is there any of my artwork in the house? Yes, but only under duress. They are mostly old pieces which I don’t much like, but Si is like a proud parent sticking a child’s drawings to the fridge. Thanks Si…I think (!).


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