“never trust a placemat”…

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18/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

In his book “How to Look at a Painting” Justin Paton tells of how he grew up with an “irrational dislike” of John Constable’s landscape paintings, “based mostly on the fact that his paintings appeared on [his] grandparents’ ‘good’ placemats.

Paton then recalls how – years later – he was able to view Constable’s original artwork in the National Gallery, in London, and how much he realised his prejudice was unfounded.

Each time I finish a new Canvassing My Friends painting I post the scanned image to this blog site. My friend, Tracy, views my canvases on the small screen of her iPhone. She laments that she cannot see the paintings properly and wished she could view the original instead. I lament that even viewing the canvases on a large monitor (scanned in high resolution) does not do them complete justice.

Each scan is a disappointment for me. Even though I am using an exceptionally good scanner, the results do not capture accurate colour, vibrancy or texture.

As Justin Paton so rightly says: “never trust a place mat” (or a scan either)…unfortunately!


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