counting the cost…maybe…


17/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

The wise man would say: “My son, before you build your house you must first count the cost“. Ordinarily, I would agree with the wise man…100%.

When Canvassing My Friends began we were a one-income household and money was extremely tight. I was working two jobs and spare time was a luxury. Almost six months into the project and I am now able to extrapolate out the money and time that will be required to make it to the finish line. Had I known this information, before I began, I – most likely – would not have started.

I wonder if counting the cost can sometimes become a dream-killer? Maybe we have to be a little irrational in order to think big and to launch unusual or unproven ideas.

My internal jury is on recess while my sensible, prudent mind fights the dreamer within. Thankfully – with this particular project – the dreamer (with her head buried firmly in the sand) has been victorious!


2 thoughts on “counting the cost…maybe…

  1. Dunya says:

    It’s only now that I have had a chance to catch up on the project and the interesting pieces you have painted.

    But this post caught my attention as this morning was talking to a friend about my own painting and how I just need to start and not worry about the cost of time, emotion, materials etc. It’s so easy to find reasons not to do things, but once you start it’s a powerful journey that should never be purchased based on the price tag.

    Thanks for inspiring me always!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    I love that thought Dunya…”it’s a powerful journey that should never be purchased based on the price tag”. SO true. The voyage to explore your gifts and skills, and to be able to touch others with what is inside of you is very powerful. Please let me know how you get on with your journey. I would love to see your steps along the way!

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