“things are more fun when you’re positive”…

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10/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

…said a vivacious young girl on my train. She was traveling into the city with a group of school girls, on a field trip to see a science exhibition. The girls were so excited, a couple having never been on a train before, some rarely having made the 30km trip into town. This particular girl was almost bouncing of the interior walls with excitement. One of her friends remarked to her about her exuberance…to which she replied the above statement.

What a lesson we could all learn from that girl! Would you like more “fun” in your life? How about starting with your language? The next time you catch yourself about to say something negative, try to put yourself in check and re-phrase. After a while, your speech will change, and your thoughts will change, and your life will change.

See…fun and positivity can be just an intentional, uplifting, encouraging word away!


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