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06/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Americans call it a “retreat”. Aussies would “go walkabout”. Kiwis would call it “going bush” or “getting away from it all”. The concept? Removing yourself from your usual surroundings in order to achieve a purpose. Perhaps it is for greater clarity of thought, artistic or personal development or just simply finding a quiet place to be alone.

Sometimes we need a change of scenery to re-energise and re-evaluate ourselves, our circumstances, or our projects. Thanks to our frenetic world we sometimes have to stop and do things a little different…mix it up to fix it up…and break our routine.

A retreat doesn’t have to be a trip out of town. Even putting a couple of hours aside for some “you time” – uninterrupted, personal and productive time – could be just what you need.

If you can’t find the necessary “space” within your own home, try a cafe or a park or the beach. Artists can casually rent space in an art centre studio. Writing and thinking can be done anywhere!

If you need it, do it. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!


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