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05/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Have you noticed how we fear things that we don’t understand?

Do you remember – almost 30 years ago – when scientists gave a name to a disease that no-one understood and the world flew into a tailspin of fear? Little-by-little, as we gained more knowledge, the fear became less. Have you hugged an HIV-positive person lately? 30 years ago you probably wouldn’t have!

The more I read about art…the more I look at paintings and watch “how to paint” videos on YouTube…the more I experiment with painting, or take courses, the less fearful I become.

Ignorance was placing me on the backfoot. I would use cowardice as my shield and strike out with fear.

When we willingly start digging to uncover some of the root causes of fear…and then deal with those causes (such as ignorance)…the journey of life and the conquering of mountains become easier.

What is holding you back? Would a little knowledge help?!


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