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20/11/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Why is it that so many people fall asleep during a train journey? Most likely it is because they are being rocked like an infant in a cradle. Perhaps it is also because they are not really “thinking” about anything so their brains decide to go for a wander down the tracks.

During my first few months of riding the train, I fell asleep too. I tried to read…and fell asleep. I tried to listen to my iPod…and fell asleep. Then I started Canvassing My Friends and my brain suddenly kicked into action. I use the 50 minute each way train trip to write these blogs, and when I am not writing I am thinking about writing. These days I rarely nod off during the train journey.

This is going to sound super-cheesy, but ever since I have been involved in Canvassing My Friends I have felt that my life is purposeful (I warned you…extra cheese please). I have an excitement about life that certainly wasn’t there before. I look at people and events and objects differently. I have something positive and outward-looking to do in my spare time and I am contributing to others in a way that is new and exciting.

More than anything it has been a real energising activity to be creative and do what has been stuck inside for so long (both the painting and the writing). I would encourage you to engage in some “verb activity”: START a new hobby (or dust off an old one)…DO some volunteer work…USE the gifts you have been given…INVIGORATE your life with renewed purpose. It’s fun too…and we can all use a little bit of fun!

My mother used to say that she would work away at crossword puzzles to keep her brain from turning to mush. I don’t think you have to be 80 years old for that concept to be true either…


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