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15/11/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

We are the proud owners of a blue armchair. It was a second-hand purchase intended as a chair for Simon’s study. It’s a very stylish, modern, comfortable chair in a very acceptable shade of blue. The only problem is that its size is just a teeny bit larger than the internal door frame of the study in our current house. It beats me as to why furniture designers would not plan for the lowest common denominator in door frames when they design a chair. Perhaps it was originally designed as a garage-chair-come-cat’s-bed and not an inside-the-house-chair at all! Consequently, we have obliged the designer and have left the chair in the garage these last few months.

A number of times Simon has suggested selling the chair. The latest time was “thwarted” by both our digital camera and internet connection dying in the same week. However, once both problems were remedied, nothing more was done about the chair.

Yesterday, Simon declared that the chair was bound for his work office and I asked him why we were not going to sell it. He, wisely, pointed out that if we were going to sell it we would have done so by now. I was about to protest, when I saw the logic in the statement.

Both Simon and I are the king and queen of online auction trading. Between us we have over 1000 trades (Simon with a 100% positive response rate, and me with 99%…that’s another story!). The truth is that we are so “over it” that neither one of us wants to list even one little armchair, and so we have procrastinated. The opportunity was there countless times. The know-how was there. The internet connection and computer were there. But, the procrastination and aversion to the online auction process was stronger. Wow. Once we start to get honest with ourselves the truth becomes a little uncomfortable and confrontational, and denying the truth seems a WHOLE lot easier!

An entire weekend has just passed without me doing a single bit of painting and I am a little frustrated. I am sure that “frustrated artist” is higher up the ladder of success than “fearful artist”, so that’s got to be an improvement! I “thought” about painting. I even “read” a bit about painting. I pro-actively “bought” a couple of items to assist the painting process…but no actual painting.

If we really want to do something, we will do it. We humans make way for things that are important to us, the rest is just an excuse. I am wondering if I made excuses over this weekend. With my no-procrastination glasses on, can I look back at this weekend and find a chink of time where I could have painted? The answer is “yes”. Something else (like housework, cooking or sleeping) would have had to move aside, but it WAS possible. I am now looking at my “to do” list for tonight and wondering what I can sweep aside in order to paint. Hmmm…no excuses allowed – tonight has to be the night!


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