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09/11/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Have you ever wondered where the word “milestone” came from? In ages past, markers were placed along the roadside – at one mile intervals – to provide reference points along the road. Weary travellers would be able to gauge how far they had come and how much further they had to go (and if they were on the right road!).

On any life journey it is helpful to recognise milestones – to keep you on the right path, focussed and encouraged. Whether they be goals, deadlines, events or periods of time, those milestones will help you to tangibly experience the process and sense some measure of achievement.

With respect to Canvassing My Friends, the completion of each painting is the most obvious milestone along this particular journey. Other smaller – but no less significant – milestones include: discovering the inspiration, putting the first daub of paint on a fresh canvas, and displaying the finished work at the end.

I realised there is another milestone that I had overlooked – the empty easel. Once a painting is complete I – naturally – remove the canvas from the easel…a sign of both completion and new beginning. Today I looked at that empty easel and realised that my thought process has made a turn for the better. In times gone by I would have looked at that easel with a sense of fear – all my irrational fears channelled into that assemblage of wood, taunting me for my inaction. Now, I realise I am looking on that same easel with impatience and excitement, and a desire to get the journey underway again. Such an inner change in just over 4 months!

I am loving the milestones – both big and small. They help to remind me that – though this particular journey is going to be a LONG one – I am moving, progressing, achieving…bit by bit…milestone by milestone.


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