the creative person’s itchy feet…


01/11/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Some people live in the same house (or at least the same town) all their lives. Some people stay in the same job 5, 10, 15 years. Me, I have moved house 9 times in 9 years (including overseas and intercity). According to the finance industry I have a “very poor stability rating” and might suffer a higher interest rate on finance as a consequence.

The graphic design/advertising industry is notorious for its high turnover of employees. It is an accepted fact that a worker will leave their job after an average of 18 – 24 months. What is it about the industry that drives people to migrate? The stress? The hours? Or, could it be a push from within that makes a creative person’s feet start to itch? Is there something – unique to a creative soul – that seeks new challenges and new faces?

My grandfather changed jobs a LOT, and moved his family from suburb to suburb as a result. He was a creative man – both artistic and musical, but his career choices (or available options at that time) were anything but creative. I wonder what made his feet so itchy? My mother wouldn’t have been who she was if he hadn’t been who he was, so I can’t lament his life choices on her behalf. I can only ponder the whys and what ifs, and wonder if he passed the itchy feet gene down to me…


2 thoughts on “the creative person’s itchy feet…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely agree that creative people have itchy feet. My ‘sensible’ friends who are accountants or lawyers(!!) have remained in the same job or home for years. Where my creative buddies (who are not necessarily in creative jobs, but could be classified as being creative because they are visual people) have moved on many times. However, from a personal viewpoint, I do crave that ‘sensible’ stability, but for some reason have an in-built instinct to always be seeking the ‘new’. The old saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is intended for the creative soul I am sure. It is what drives the creative to always be seeking newer, more exciting visions. I do feel that creativity comes with a broader mind, hence a desire for change, (not to say that accountancy and law come with a narrower mind of course!)

    • Jo says:

      Oh, and I forgot to say that creatives listen to their hearts a lot more than their minds, which is perhaps something to do with suffering the higher interest rate on finance! And also why so many creatives never make any money, whereas accountants and lawyers do…grrr! (Not that I have anything against accountants and lawyers!!!)

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