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29/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Glitter Book…and I don’t mean the Mariah Carey movie!

Recently we had a major clean-out at work. It was then that I discovered an Aladdin’s Cave of delight in the form of an unusual product catalogue.

The catalogue was from a Chinese manufacturer of glitter. The shiniest, brightest, tiniest bits of light-reflecting plastic…not just a few colours, but 340 different colours and types…and, not just a sprinkling of colour, but a tiny plastic bag of each!  Who knew they made so many varieties?!

I immediately experienced a flashback to my childhood crafting days, knowing that – had I made the discovery then – I would have locked the catalogue away as a closely-guarded treasure…never to be used, only gazed upon in awe.

Glitter is the smallest member of the “Shiny” family, behind confetti and sequins (we all love a stunning ballroom dancing gown, now don’t we?!). In fact, I remember a primary school friend who was a competitive iceskater. Her mother would spend countless hours hand-sewing all the sequins and rhinestones onto her daughter’s myriad of costumes. What an effective way to catch the judges’ eyes!

As glitter is not at all eco-friendly, I won’t encourage you to buy some. But I do promote putting a bit of sparkle in your life…some bling a day to keep the dreariness away.


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