your dream is worth one lesson…


23/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Many years ago I was waterskiing with friends on Lake Karapiro (New Zealand). We were sharing the glass-calm water with another boat-load of skiiers, and I watched while they attempted to teach a young woman to waterski. In trying to get up – out of the water – she must have fallen around 10 times and was unable to ski away once. There was every possibility that her failed experience would put her off waterskiing forever, and I was so annoyed. It wasn’t that she was particularly uncoordinated, or bad at skiing. In fact, what’s to say she couldn’t have gone on to be a champion skiier?! The only reason she couldn’t get up – on her skis that day – was that she needed to bend her knees, and there was no-one in their boat who knew enough to tell her. That was all. Such a small piece of instruction was the difference between success and failure for that girl.

I am a below-average ten-pin bowler. I bowl the same way now as I did 20 years ago, and the same as I will probably do in 10 years’ time (if nothing changes). I have the same style, same bad habits and – usually – the same score. I have always felt that if I just had ONE bowling lesson, it would make all the difference for my game.

Sarahs workshop animal painting

Sarah's workshop animal painting

Almost 10 years ago I attended a one-day workshop on how to paint animals. I figured that animals had to be one of the hardest subjects I could paint. The tutor (a talented New Zealand book illustrator) demystified the process for me, teaching me to look at the shapes, tone and layering, rather than being put off by the perceived complexity of the subject. I had a lightbulb moment that day. It took only one lesson – from someone who knew what they were doing – to take me to the next level.

One lesson could be the difference between success and failure for you, and the start of something awesome! Go on, book it in now! What are you waiting for?!


2 thoughts on “your dream is worth one lesson…

  1. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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