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05/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

I am sitting here trying to think of the last time that I visited an art gallery. Is that a shameful confession? For me I think it is. I have previously admitted I know very little about the art world…this would certainly be one glaring reason why!

I visited the Louvre (Paris) in 2006, because everyone has to see the Mona Lisa (I was actually shocked at its small size!). I also have to admit that whilst in New York – the city of museums – I did not visit one single gallery…not even MOMA! Looking back I am rather ashamed of myself.

Last time I set foot in the Auckland Art Gallery was on a childhood school trip to see a Monet exhibition (which I can still remember fairly well). My mother (wonderful woman) would take me on occasional trips to the old Dowse Art Gallery (Lower Hutt, New Zealand), and shield my eyes from the nudes!

Chatting to a friend – earlier today – the idea was proffered that perhaps “arty” people do not go to galleries, only those who wished they were arty. However, having never been an art student I can only surmise that those formally trained in art or art history must camp out in art galleries, absorbing techniques and inspiration from the masters as via osmosis. I guess any serious artist would need to be very familiar with galleries if they ever hoped to exhibit in one!

Note for diary: visit the art gallery this weekend (or next…tops!).


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