you don’t LOOK like an artist…

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03/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Many years ago I was in conversation with a new acquaintance who asked me what I did for a job. After obliging with an answer, the response that I received was an incredulous “you don’t LOOK like a graphic designer!“.

Did I not look “artsy” enough? Not enough body piercings perhaps? Maybe my outfit should have looked like I’d closed my eyes whilst selecting clothes in an op shop? I found the reaction quite amusing actually.

When we attended the recent arts society pub quiz night I found myself guilty of dishing out the same stereotyping. Here we were, sitting in a room full of arts-buffs and they all seemed to ooze paint from their pores, their clothes, their hair, their speech and their eyewear.

Once again I felt like I didn’t look the part. If I don’t “look” like a graphic designer, and I don’t “look” like an artist, what DO I look like?!

Kaftan shop, here I come!


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