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02/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie


Swarovski Crystal Bird Bee Eaters

Swarovski Crystal Bird Bee Eaters, approx USD$1,500.00


Those with higher disposable incomes and a love of beautiful, shiny things, will be very familiar with Swarovski Crystal.

What is it about cut glass that makes us stop and stare and covet (especially when the store spotlights are shining on the glass j-u-u-u-st right)? Most work days I walk past the Swarovski store, my head inevitably turns to the store window, and my footsteps sometimes slow. The thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a crystal figurine helps my footsteps speed up again, but there is no doubt the beauty of the crystal was – momentarily – captivating.

When I was a child my mother had two matching candlesticks. Each one had a number of oblong, clear, cut-glass strands hanging from a metal plate around the candle. I remember being fascinated by the colours and the way the sunlight would refract through the glass, casting coloured patterns onto the walls.

For my birthday – this year – friends gave me a photo frame surrounded by cut glass panels (see photo). Little did they know it, but the glass sections on the frame were almost identical to the glass droplets on my mother’s candlesticks. It was a present I shall treasure.Birthday photo frame

There must be something deep inside the soul of mankind that drinks in the beauty of light and refraction and colour. One only has to observe a woman in a jewellery shop to believe that!

Next time you see light refracting through cut-glass, or glinting off diamonds, take time for a second, lingering look. Allow the moment to transport you back to a more simple time in your life when you allowed yourself to be mesmerised by small, beautiful, sparkly things.


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