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01/10/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

BubbleAn important lesson that the painting of Canvas #6 taught me was that I really do not know how to paint a spherical shape properly or confidently (I know: practise, practise, practise). It is a good illustration of what happens when one misses out on basic painting skills through formal training. I am really happy with the composition, colours and concept, but I feel the balloons have let the painting down.

One of the most beautiful spheres I know of is the humble bubble. From the smallest age my mother taught me how to lather my hands with soap, then blow hand bubbles (see instructions below), and the fascination has remained with me all these years. The surface colours in a bubble are truly incredible, and they change with movement and light.

The other bubbles that I love occur when I am making a pizza base. I pour water onto olive oil (to add to the flour), then – for just a few seconds – a myriad of bubbles appear. Have you ever stopped to really look at a bubble? It is an amazing, fleeting thing. I only wish I could paint them, but I know a painting could never fully pay the natural, fragile, iridescent beauty any compliment (though Golden Artist Colors’ iridescent paint may come the closest!). And, besides, bubbles never last long enough to study them in detail. Perhaps that is what adds to their appeal…seeing a bubble = catching joy in the moment.

If you’re thinking of a Christmas gift for me, a bubble maker would make me a very happy camper!


How to make hand bubbles:

Step 1: Lather your hands excessively with soap (some soaps work much better than others).

Step 2: Clench your fists.

Step 3: Open your hands just a fraction, so you can see a hole through your hand, keeping your thumb and fingers touching.

Step 4: Blow through the hole very gently.

Step 5: Close your fist to seal the bubble, then sit back and admire an iridescent wonder!


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