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30/09/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Jean-Baptiste Wild Dolphins

Daniel Jean-Baptiste, "Wild Dolphin Pod - 2001"

The last time I made a concentrated effort to paint was between 2002 and 2006 when I gave silk painting a try (the banner at the top of this blog shows a portion of one of my silk paintings).

Silk painting is a cross between watercolour painting and a slippery pig. I am convinced that it can only be tamed so far, then it has a mind of its own!

One of the things I loved best about painting on silk was the vibrancy of the ink colours. They are so intense and delicious and they flow over the silk beautifully.

Silk painting is an unforgiving art form which allows little room for error. It was too unforgiving for me, so I ran into the arms of acrylics.

During this early foray into the art world I stumbled upon a St Lucia-born silk painter by the name of Daniel Jean-Baptiste [visit his website here]. Jean-Baptiste has the most amazing way of capturing “light” (and water) in his work.

To be a great painter you have to truly look at, and see, and study your subject. Well known artists talk about viewing their subject in all seasons to see how it subtly changes. I am not convinced that I have the patience for that degree of observation, but I am sure Jean-Baptiste must intently study water, light and colours. His work is magnificent.

BTW…the two paintings that I sold (all those years ago) were both silk paintings – one of a cat and one of pansies. I must have done something right in spite of my silk frustrations!


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