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28/09/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

The other day I saw an interesting book title: “A Smile In the Mind”, by Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart. The book is about “exploring witty thinking” and “playfulness with ideas” within graphic design.

What excellent imagery this title conjures up! However, I take a different tack – on the title – than what the book is actually about. Have you ever experienced your mind smiling? Those warm fuzzies that make your thinking glow? That “lightbulb moment” when you crack a problem or understand a principle? Like a heart-glow for your brain. Perhaps it could also be a synonym for “satisfaction”.

Sometimes I feel that type of mind-smile when I am working on a painting. Those are- generally – the times when the painting is not going well, looks wrong and there is no hope on the horizon. Then, suddenly, I will make a leap into the creative unknown, try something new and voila! Sometimes successful and sometimes not…but when it IS successful, the result produces a wonderful smile in my mind! What makes your mind smile?


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