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02/09/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

If you have ever written a business plan, you will know that something solidifies the moment you put your idea/dream/goals down on paper. It is that tangible time when your thoughts become reality and you start to make yourself accountable to someone or something…even if it is just being accountable to yourself via the piece of paper you are writing on (it’s a start!).

Today’s blog by Seth Godin reads:
“...it’s weird to write in a book. When you do, you’re making a commitment. You’re combining the open-mindedness that reading brings with the physical action of writing. If you do that at every step in a project…the seemingly slippery decisions that get made appear a lot more solid.

The book of Habakkuk (in the Bible) says the following:
Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.
The way this verse speaks to me (though I am taking the verse out of context) is that if I write my vision down – in a tangible format – then others can take that vision and run with it. The vision is shared once it is written, that others may be caught up with the vision and bring the vision to reality.

The first thing that I did – with this project – was to write down my random thoughts. As soon as the words were on the paper I could better analyse whether the project had legs, or whether it was just a result of a half-asleep brain. Once the decision was made to transform the idea into reality, the first thing I did was to create this blog site. Not only was the blog going to be a vehicle for presenting the canvasses, it was also a tangible way of making me accountable for the project. I wrote the vision for all to see [refer “about this project” page!] and now you can all take that vision and run with it with me!


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