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24/08/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

If I asked you what is the best emotion, what would you reply? Would it be love? Joy? Contentment? Many years ago I was listening to a radio programme where the interviewer asked this same question of someone, and they replied the best emotion was “relief”. At the time I thought that was a strange response to give, but the more I thought about it, the more I could understand how powerful the feeling of “relief” is.

Today I was working on the film set of a television commercial. We knew the concept of the TVC, and we knew we had the technical skills to pull it off, but there were so many variables going into the shoot that we had no idea if the shoot would be successful. Fortunately, all the pieces came together perfectly and the shoot went without a hitch. I got back to the office with a huge sense of “relief”…the feeling that it will all be OK…that the tension and uncertainty was over and solved…that the unknown was known and the risk appeased. There is a wonderful peace that follows relief.

I experienced a similar feeling of relief yesterday after finishing Canvas #4. This canvas was a hard slog for me and I was so close to giving up multiple times. Though not a masterpiece, it is finished. It says what I want it to say, and it is not a shocker.

Relief is the glimmer of sunshine after the storm and rest for the mind after an internal struggle. It is a “Phew…I made it”.


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