when is art “art”?…


12/07/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

I recently received a comment – on the paintingsilove.com website – for my painting “Against the Odds”. The comment read: “It would be a good illustration for a children’s book”. I know the comment was meant to be complimentary…it has just caused me to think…

So the question becomes, at what point does “illustration” become “art” (or does it ever)? Or, when does “graphic design” become “art”? What is “art” anyway?

Of course, an illustrator IS an artist. Is it because they make their money per hour rather than per painting held against them by the artistic judiciary? Perhaps it is not “fine art” enough for the world…too fast, too formulaic, too commercial?

It would be a great topic to debate over!


2 thoughts on “when is art “art”?…

  1. Edmund says:

    “too fast, too formulaic, too commercial?” could also be applied to art produced by full time artists who have to stick to the familiar, making it a wanted item to survive. perhaps it is personal vision and how that is communicated to the viewer which should be the yard stick?

  2. canvassingmyfriends says:

    Really valid point Edmund. Must be frustrating, sometimes, being a professional artist…if your hobby and/or personal enjoyment has to take a back seat to pounding out the work to pay the bills.

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