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08/07/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

I bet you are wondering why Canvas #2 is a little “edgy”…and, in fact, why Canvas #1 was a little “edgy” too (no scalpel or barbed wire pun intended!).

I could’ve painted a picture of a ladybug holding a blade of grass…and that would have been pretty…and that would have been possibly more “acceptable”…but it would not have told the story that I wanted to tell, and only half captured the essence of my inspiree (did I just make up a new word?!).

I am hoping that this painting captures something personal for my special Facebook “friend” in question, and to all others they are left to make of it what they will…which is what art is really, isn’t it? Think of any artist’s painting you like, and chances are you would have not a clue why the painter painted it or what it means.

In a world where pretty pictures abound, I would rather paint something that is a little “different”, and a little unique. That is not to say that run-of-the-mill type of imagery might not jump in the mix…I do like to look at “normal” things too!


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