1. Taking a break

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    02/03/2015 by Sarah Ritchie

    You may have been wondering why it’s been quiet on my blog for the past year. I have been working on …
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  2. inspired by nature…

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    03/02/2014 by Sarah Ritchie

    Inspired by nature

    The following is a blog post that I wrote for the Design Assembly website, 27 January 2014. Meet my new baby …
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  3. the miracle of dew…

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    06/01/2014 by Sarah Ritchie


    As I was on my morning walk I decided to take a shortcut across the playing field. Whenever I do …
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  4. “No stress.” Yeah, right.


    09/12/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

    No stress

    This is a blog post that I wrote for the Design Assembly website, 9 December 2013. We deal with excessive …
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  5. 10 lessons I learned from a sunrise…


    30/11/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

    20 October 2013 sunrise

    “While You Were Sleeping” – my spring 2013 photo essay – is now finished. You can read the background behind …
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  6. “you can do anything”…really?…

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    10/11/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

    You can do anything

    Benjamin Franklin famously said “you can do anything you set your mind to“. This phrase sounds like it was coined …
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  7. how to change a life, or two…


    02/11/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

    Justice Miller Olivet Eagles

    When you give out to others, who benefits the most – the recipient, or the giver? This is an inspirational …
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